On June 1, 1991, the 16th Mountain Battalion was established on the venue of the current Colonel Besik Kutateladze Sachkhere Mountain Training School. The school is founded by national hero Besik Kutateladze. Sachkhere 16th Mountain Battalion has participated in the wars to maintain territorial integrity of Georgia. 21 militaries from Sachkhere Mountain Battalion died in the war.

Sachkhere Mountain Training and Re-training School was founded on the mentioned base on 17th February 2004, on 14th August, 2006 Sachkhere Mountain Training School was established. The course training programs are elaborated in full cimpliance with the French Mountain Training Centers’ requirement. International courses are conducted by professional Georgian instructors, who are regularly trained by French instructors according to 3 years program, they have  participated in 6 levels.

In 2010 the North Atlantic Council has accepted to declared the Sachkhere Mountain Training School a NATO/PfP Training and Education Centre. In accordance with the order of #738 of 29 May, 2014 by Ministry of Defence of Georgia the school was awarded the name of Colonel Besik Kutateladze Sachkhere Mountain Training School, which is the structural unit under Military Education and Training Centre of the General Staff. 

Colonel Besik Kutateladze Sachkhere Mountain Training School offers the trainees a wide spectrum of international courses. The courses are designed for NATO member and partner countries’ military personnel within the frames of  “Partnership for peace”.

During 2011-2014 the Centre conducted Basic Mountain Training Winter/Summer and Intermediate Winter/Summer Mountain Training Courses. Mountain Training Team Leader Summer Course will be added in 2015.

Also Sachkhere Mountain Training School conducting Mountain trainings for Units of Georgian Armed Forces such as Mountain Technical course, Mountain Rescue course, shooting course in high altitude and Mountain tactical course.