Basic Mountain Training Summer Course began

  On June 17 in Colonel Besik Kutateladze Sachkhere Mountain Training School Started "Basic Mountain Training Cours" in the framework of the "Partnership for Peace" (PFP) program, this course will last til July 06. 

33 military personnel which are member and partner countries of NATO (Armenia; Azerbaijan; Latvia; Poland; Belarus; Czech Republic; Estonia; Sweden and USA.) 

   In this course students will stady: 

- Rules of use of mountain equipment and technical data;

- First aid of a injured person and organizing collective survival and evacuation;

- Rock climbing (natural and artifical wall). To climb a fixed rope and river crossing techniques; 

- To overcome the obstacles, to have access to the crossings on the obstacles and to descend the rock; 

- Complex and physical tests which include, climbing a fixed rope, knots, rock climbing, rock descending. Move around 12 km. +1200 m.

  After success ful completion of the test, the graduates will be awarded with certificats badges and recomendations for "Intermediate Mountain Summer Cours".